Past Seasons


Some Old Black Man by James Anthony Tyler
Wolf at the Door by Richard Dresser
Reel to Reel by John Kolvenbach
Eight Nights by Jennifer Maisel


Jennifer’s Birth by Rich Orloff
Dolphins and Sharks by James Anthony Tyler
Intentions by Abbey Fenbert
War Stories by Richard Dresser


Above Water by Robert Clyman
Harper by Dean Imperial
Match by Jennifer Maisel
Some Old Black Man by James A. Tyler
Flight of the Monarch by Jim Frangione


Mother of the Maid by Jane Anderson
100 Years by Richard Dresser
Out of Orbit by Jennifer Maisel
The Season by Michael Brady


Life Science by Anna Ziegler
Love/Sick by John Cariani
Titles by Michael Brady
The Handyman by Richard Dresser
Far from the Trees by Christina Gorman


Release Point by Gino DiIorio
APESHIT by Philip Gerson
Andromeda by Jessica Provenz
Ceasefire by James DeMarse


The Recommendation by Jonathan Caren
The Many Mistresses of Martin Luther King by Andrew Dolan
Edith: In the Rose Garden by Kelly Masterson
The Glint by Matt Hoverman
An Incident by Anna Ziegler


Eyes Forward by Philip Gerson
Make Sure It’s Me by Kate Wenner
Tamarack House by Michael Dowling
Keeping Time by Joe Cacaci
Better Than Chocolate by Jessia Provenz
Scam by Blair MacKenzie


The Sex King by Bill C. Davis
The Old Masters by Sam Marks
Guidance by Daria Polatin
Scrambled Eggs by Robin Amos Kahn and Gary Richards
As Is – No Warranty by Jaene Leonard
The Birthday Boy by Chris Newbound


Eggs in a Basket by Daria Polatin
Variations on a Theme by Anna Ziegler
God & Country by Joe Cacaci / Ashes by Edgar Lyall
Against the Rising Sea by Kelly Masterson
The Book of David