Past Appeals

Every year, at our Annual Appeal, we try to give you a little something extra – a little more fun, a few more laughs.

Why? Because we figure that if we’re going to solicit your support, we should entertain you in the process.

Our passion is creating new work and sharing it with you, our fans and supporters. Enjoy! 

(…and then donate if you can – BPL absolutely depends on your support!)

2016: 10 Years and Counting - on You!

Featuring Scott Christianson, Charlie Tirrell, Joyce Scheffey and Mulder the Pug

Director of Photography: Rick Sands
Film Editor: Susan B. Ades
Sound Editor: Jason Brown
Production Assistants: Zoe Hu and Angela Meglio

2015: Drop in the Bucket
2014: Fall Fund Appeal

2013: BPL—The Movie

2012: Donation Incantation
2011: The Pitchman Cometh
2010: Waiting for the Dough